Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Girly Medic Says Hi!

Yesterday at a brow salon while I was filling up their feedback sheet the lady behind the counter asked me: "Are you a blogger?". To which it took me 3 seconds to reply.
Yes I do maintain a blog and it was born out of love of writing and a whole lot of raging teenage hormones. Ergo, that blog was like diary to me. *insert shy, nervous laugh here.*  I would love to post my kikay musings and all,.but to place them alongside my emotional rants would make them quite out of place doesn't it?

So I thought about it the whole night and well, why not make another blog? I know and revered a handful of beauty bloggers and while I think I'd be nowhere as good as them, I think I have something to share to you. A view of things,  a product review cannot be relied on a single blogger after all, so might as well share what I know. Who knows, I might become a blessing to others through this blog. 0:)

So let the girly adventures commence! :)

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