Monday, September 15, 2014

ALL ABOUT BROWS Series: How I fill my brows

A number of my friends compliment my brows and they even asked me how I did it. Of course I thought it was just a casual question, so I never answered them in detail. The only time that I answered it in a detailed manner was when a total stranger asked me about it. 

I will never forget that incident. I went to the school clinic that day because of dry cough, and after the nurse took my history and blood pressure, she told me:  "Alam mo, 'di ko mapigilang mapatingin sa kilay mo. Pano mo nagawa 'yan? (You know, I can't stop myself from looking at your brows. How do you do that?" That was like, the best compliment, ever! Hahaha.

Taken while I was waiting for the doctor, still recovering from the shock of having to answer the nurse's question. Hahaha.

I did try to tell it to her in as detailed and as clear as I could, but well, let's say that this is my definitive answer to her (and my friends') question. 

For clarity, the beginning/start of the brow is the end nearest the nose bridge, while the tail of the brow is the end of the brow closest to the temples. Basically, the tail of the brow must be the darkest, while the inner brow must be lighter.

This looks like a lot of steps, but it's simple, really! Don't be scared with the numbers, as I will walk you through each one. ;)

  1. Trace the lower border of the brow first. I advise to start at the point of the brow parallel to the medial/inner edge of the pupil, to avoid making a harsh line on the inner brow segment, which is best left shaded (more on that later).
  2. When you trace the lower border first, you basically get an idea how you brow arch should shape like, so it's a nice starting point for shaping your brows if you are intent on changing it. Here I lengthened my brow by extending the lower border past the tail of the (natural) brow.
  3. Trace the upper border of the brow, connecting it with the lower border at the tail of the brow. Again, don't line the inner brow segment, so don't go beyond the inner edge of the pupil.
  4. With short, light strokes, fill in the brow.
  5. Shade the inner brow segment. If you are using an angled brow brush, use whatever pigment that was left in the brush (ergo don't put more eyebrow powder on it). Use it like how you use a Stabilo Highlighter and swipe the pigment on the inner brow for a lighter color. Notice that I started the inner brow a bit past where my natural brow started. I did this to even it out with my other brow. Also, if you want you nose to look taller, start your brow parallel to (or near) the nose bridge.
  6. Use a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas. Brow powders are good for filling in brows and I prefer it to achieve a softer looking brow, but brow pencils is still the best for drawing "fake hair" on the sparse areas of the brow. Here I used the pencil on my inner brow because it's practically just skin-no brow hairs anymore in that area. Hahaha.
  7. Use a spoolie brush to soften the pigments on the brow for a more natural look. While your brow is basically a thick line framing your eyes, the brow hairs still has to stand out thru the pigments you've placed to avoid a harsh looking brow, so you have to brush it. For the inner brow, brush the spoolie upwards, following the direction of its hair growth.
  8. For the rest of the brow, brush it with a spoolie, following the brow hairs' direction of growth.
Optional: Use a Brow mascara/Clear Mascara to set the brow hairs and soften the brow. Use a matching colored brow mascara if you have colored hair, while a clear mascara is good for natural/dark brown haired-gals. I always do this to further define the brow hairs, so that my brow won't look like they were just drawn. Also, this helps to further extend the staying power of your brow powder/pencil

This is my daily brow routine. It may look complicated to you, but I really do pay attention to them. I think it takes me 5 minutes to do my brows. Hahaha. With practice this will become a breeze to you, I swear!  :)

Stay girly!


Products Used:

  1. Fanny Serrano Eyeshadow in Cinnamom Mousse (used as an eyebrow powder)
  2. Etude House Drawing Eye Brow pencil in shade 01
  3. Ever Bilena Clear Mascara

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