Tuesday, September 9, 2014

FOTD: Sweet Pastels

N.B. That's Fanny Serrano E/S in Frosty Chic. My bad. 0:)

With makeup, I had an on and off relationship. When it was too busy in school I’d just ditch ‘em. When I could not work with the makeup that I got, I’d ditch ‘em.

And then in college I took baby steps. I started with mineral makeup powders (hello, Ellana) plus tinted lipbalm, then progressed to bb creams and lip tints. On my college graduation, I did my own makeup, which is composed of BB cream, lip and cheek tint, a sparkly gold eyeshadow, and mascara. Looking back, that is actually my everyday makeup now…and more. Hahaha.

My makeup kit grew exponentially as I learned more about blushes and bases and smokey eyes and Korean style of makeup. I watched too many Pony’s Diary and Get It Beauty episodes on Channel M for the past three years.  And I’ve read too much makeup tutorials.

School starts at 7 AM everyday, so there is a need for my look to be quick and easy to do yet I want it to be detailed. I usually become a bit more detailed on my eye makeup, because as Lisa Eldridge said, drawing the attention to the eyes would draw attention away from my flawed areas.

But don’t worry, for this makeup look is no rocket science. What I like about doing this is that it does not require expertise in eyeliner since everything is smudged, because when I'm in a hurry, precision is one of my worst traits..

The colors I used on the eyes are two of my favorite lid washes, which is my typical eye makeup when I’m running late or I’m feeling lazy. Sweet Candy is a cool pink, while Frosty Chic is, well, a warm peach shade. Both are in satin finish.
  1. Prime lids with an eyeshadow primer. 
  2. With an eyeshadow brush, pat the cool pink shade on the lids up to the crease. An eyeshadow applicator can do for this step, but you will still need a brush when blending this with the 2nd shade.
  3. Brush the warm peach shade on the crease, blending the color upwards. Until where will you blend? Until you see 5 mm of the shade when you open your eyes (that's what Pony always says, and now that I've checked my work with a ruler, indeed my eyeshadow ends 5 mm from the point where the crease lie! Give it to Pony for giving such precise instructions.) Make sure that there's a smooth transition between the 2 shades.
  4. With a pencil brush/eyeshadow applicator, take your warm peach shade and line the skin just below your lower lashline. Take note: just a thin line, do not cover your eyebags with eyeshadow. LOL ;)
  5. Tightline the upper lashline using a waterproof/smudgeproof eyeliner, extending the end a bit.
  6. Make a thin line above the upper lash line, then smudge it for a softer effect.
  7. Line the outer lower lashline. Smudge for a softer effect, connecting its end with end of the upper lash line. A good landmark for the start of outer lower lashline would be the outer edge of your pupil.
  8. Apply mascara to the lower lashes. I was satisfied with tightlining alone so I skipped mascara on my upper lashes. I might be scratching my eye when I'm sleepy you know (I was going to the library to study for my exams. :p ), but curl lashes and apply mascara as you wish. ;)
A close up look.
I paired this with a powder-pink blush. For the lips I used a sheer peachy nude lipstick over a pink lip tint to keep up with the candylike shades.

So there! It's a fresh and girly look, the colors used are sheer and it's not intimidating for the makeup beginner, so give it a try! I hoped everything was clear with this tutorial. Hahaha.

I hope you liked it! Stay girly! :)

Products Used:

  • Beauty UK CC Cream in No. 20 Fawn
  • Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 23
  • Ellana Minerals Intensive Blend Foundation in Caramel Latte
  • Ben Nye Banana Powder
  • Careline Oil Control Blush in A Touch of Pink
  • Prestige Primed and Ready Eye Primer
  • Sephora Eyeshadow in Sweet Candy
  • Fanny Serrano Eyeshadow in Frosty Chic
  • Maybelline Color Show Crayon Kohl in Brown
  • Avon Supercurlacious Mascara in Black
  • Nyx Brow Gel in Brunette
  • Darkness Lip Tint
  • Avon Ultra Color Absolute lipstick in Creamy Melon

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