Friday, September 26, 2014

FOTD x BEAUTY FIX: Get Pretty with Pencils!

In my review on the Etude House's Drawing Eyebrow Pencil, I featured an eyebrow pencil that was too red on me I only used it on my brows twice. I only bought it out of panic as I haven't brought with me any brow-defining product when I went home one weekend, and there was no Etude House store in sight. I was reluctant to throw it away, and thanks to Pony, I had a crazy idea.

So if you're like me and did the mistake of buying a brow pencil that looked off or an eye pencil for tightlining but gave you panda eyes or any makeup pencil that you ended up not using, read on for one crazy (but fun) tutorial! ;)

A few weeks ago I watched Pony's Beauty Diary on Channel M and saw Pony (the makeup guru/ulzzang cutie) do a tutorial in the weirdest yet most interesting manner: she did her makeup (except for the base makeup) using only pencils! Apparently it was a part of a series of tutorials featuring the Etude House Play 101 pencil, a gel-type pencil that has different finishes that can be used for eyes, lips, and cheeks. I watched all three episodes of her using pencils and it was freakin' awesome.

Well she got me into buying the pencil alright, but I just bought an essential black shade. Buying a bunch of them, at roughly 350 bucks each, is expensive for me and impractical as well! Besides, that will not stop me from trying to make my face a 3D coloring book. ;)

For this look I'm featuring 2 pencils that I rarely use. One's the Pinkies Collection eyebrow pencil that I already mentioned, while the other one is a Victoria Jackson lip pencil which came as a part of the brand's Vanity Kit makeup set. I also thrown in 2 shades of eyeshadow to complete the eye makeup, as I don't really own that much pencils.

From the De Beaute 12 Shade Eyes Palette by Profusion (US Brand).
I used the top 2 shades.

Swatches, from L to R: (Top row) Pinkies' Collections Eye Brow Pencil in Brown, Maybelline Color Studio Crayon Kohl Pencil in Brown, Victoria Jackson lip liner (Bottom Row) Profusion's Palette had no shade names on their eyeshadows, so I'll refer them as Cream and Taupe.

Have you seen the color of the lip pencil? For some reason, it reminded me of the au naturel makeup trend in the 90s, so I decided to make a look inspired by that trend. Besides, browns are always welcome during the Fall season.

I used the eyebrow pencil as an eyeshadow, while the lip pencil was used on my lips and cheeks. It's easy and fun to do, and here's how I did it: 

  1. Line the boundaries of the eyeshadow. When I put on eyeshadow whether it be pencil or powder, there has to be a limit as to where I place them. Pretty hard to explain, but with pencil on hand, I hope can describe things clearer. The boundaries apply not only to this look, but with any eyeshadow look as well.,
    How to draw the lines: 1) Taut the eyelid skin towards the temple.
    2) Draw the 1st line like it is an extension of your lower lash line, End the line at the level of the crease line.
    3) Draw the 2nd line continuous to the crease line. Start the 2nd line from where you ended your 1st line, so you'll draw inwards. End the 2nd line opposite the outer margin of the pupil
    The 2nd line may not be visible when you open your eyes (especially if you have fat pads over your brow bone), but do not worry, because we'll smudge the color upwards.
  2. Thicken the lines you've made. Draw another line right underneath the previously drawn lines.
  3. Smudge the lines. For the first line, smudge inwards until the color reaches until it's opposite the outer margin of the pupil. For the 2nd line, smudge downwards first, then upwards. Smudge upwards until you see around 5 mm of the color when you open your eyes.
  4. Pat a taupe-colored eyeshadow next to the smudged (now shaded) outer 1/3. 
  5. Pat a cream-colored eyeshadow next to the taupe eyeshadow. Overlap the shades a bit so you won't have to blend them.
  6. Tightline using a brown eyeliner. Extend the line a bit past the upper lashline and smudge the extended line.
  7. Curl lashes and use a defining mascara. To keep up with the au naturel look, use a mascara that has no fibers or one that doesn't volumize. Work with what you've got. ;)
Here's another variation of the look if you just can't resist drawing a winged eye. It's still good!

Cheeks and Lips

Now's the time to use the lip pencil! Lip pencil usually has no shimmers and goes on creamy, so it gives you a natural flush on the cheeks and matte finish on the lips. If you have dry lips, it's best to put on lip balm first, blot a bit with tissue before using the lip pencil.
Draw diagonal lines at the cheeks, starting from the highest point of the cheek and ending at the hollow of the cheek.
Draw in light, feathery strokes, so you can build up the color nice and slow. Blend by tapping the colored area with your fingers. Ideally, blush is most pigmented at the outer margin of the cheek, going lighter as you go inwards. End the blush color at the level of the outer margin of the pupil. Make sure no lines are seen and everything is blended well! ;)
That completes my FOTD/Beauty Fix/Tutorial post! I had most fun with shading my cheeks. After this, I think I'm gonna have a pencil case as a kikay kit! Hahaha! I hope everything was clear! If not, just ask away by posting on the comment box ayt? Have a great weekend! 

Stay girly!



  1. These techniques are crazy good! I will never look at my pencils the same again! xx

  2. I know, right? I really had fun doing this! I wish I had more pencils on hand because it was really easy to do! I don't own any lip pencil besides this one but I think I'll be getting more in the future! :)

    Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. Wow, those are some great tips! Thanks for that. I think I have a few pencils lying around somewhere...

    1. Go, find them na! Tell me how it went ha! ;)


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