Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
PHP 400 at Love Manila
I have combination-severely oily skin, thanks both to my parents' genes and to my polycystic ovaries. So no matter how drying and oil-free my skincare products are, my face will still be oily and acne-prone particularly on the T-Zone. And the weird part is, there's really dry patches of skin mixed in between. 

Base makeup becomes a challenge both in applying it and in making it stay put. And despite being contraindicated for my skin type, I still prefer cream/liquid type of base makeup, as I find them easier to work with and delivers a more natural finish. So unless the makeup is oil-free (like the Revlon Colorstay), there is a big chance that oil will seep through my makeup in a nick of time. 

The answer to my problem came when I found out about primers. 

My first primer was Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Dual Primer. My cousin gave it to me when I was in college and I really felt the difference in terms of ease in applying makeup, blurring of pores, and oil control. Now I had an event to attend to so I felt the need to purchase a primer again, but now I realized that they really don't come in cheap. 

That is, until I saw Rimmel Stay Matte Primer.

About the Product

From the back label: Skin-perfecting primer can be worn alone, under makeup or on top to create a perfect matte complexion. Controls shine for up to 8 hours. Ultra lightweight formula minimizes the appearance of pores.

This is a cream-type of primer. Its smell is quite bothersome, as there's a faint hint of glue to its scent, but it comes off as soon as you applied it.

How to Use

I applied small dots of the primer on the T-Zone, including the sides of the nose and the chin. I used a synthetic paddle foundation brush in spreading the product, distributing evenly onto the T-zone and feathering the product outwards, since my cheeks don't really need oil control. Then I applied my BB Cream using a makeup puff like I always do, setting it with loose mineral foundation.

Come retouch time, after blotting excess oil, I also used the primer by using a small dollop of it onto my palm and warmed between my 2 hands (as if I was praying?) then patted the primer on the oily areas of my face (forehead, nose + sides of the nose, chin).


The primer is a bit sticky as you apply it but dries to a powdery/velvety texture. When used alone, it didn't impart any tint to my face, but I was never going to use this alone of course!

I had issues with my base makeup's finish when I have this primer underneath.  Up close, it looked really cakey, especially on the nose, above the lip and the chin. It was like the base makeup was floating over my skin so it looked unnatural. I have used this primer a number of times and the result was always the same. I've tried this with BB Cream, CC cream and Cream foundation, and they all caked up when worn with this primer. I even avoided using my fingers when applying this primer (and I don't use my fingers for base makeup as well), but it's still the same, cakey mess. The good news is, the cakey finish melts as the day goes on.

See the cakey finish? And while we're at it, the primer didn't blur out my pores too.
Rimmel says you can also use this on top of your makeup, but with the cakey situation going on I didn't bother try it. I did try putting it on though, after I blotted oil off my face more than 2 hours. After patting the primer, my face mattified instantly. The primer didn't alter the color of my face. For a good measure though, I still applied setting powder on top of the primer.

After blotting oil off and patting the Stay Matte primer on oily areas.
Makeup looked better after 2.5 hours of wear time - not cakey, plus the primer gave me just the right matte.

Lasting Power

This definitely did not live up to its 8-hour shine control claim. Without using this, I oil up within 2 hours. When I used this, I still oiled up after 2 hours, though it is a teeny-tiny bit less than before.

After 2 hours of wear. In those 2 hours I did 2 sets of 15-minute walk outdoors,
and in between I was inside an air conditioned room.

What I Liked

  • Works as a "mattifier" come retouch time. If I retouch with powder alone (say Ben Nye), the sides of my nose oil up within an hour and I become really greasy (Eew.) by three hours. With Stay Matte plus powder, I still oil up, but that's after 2 hours.
  • Prolongs the wear time of my makeup. Whether worn underneath or on top of makeup, the Stay Matte is successful at preventing the base makeup from slipping off my skin despite failing at oil control.
  • Makes me look more photogenic. I think my skin looked better, more flawless in the photos especially after giving time for the cakey look to melt down. It improved the coverage of my base makeup.
  • Does not make my skin suffer after consecutive uses. One of the issues I have when using products that are long lasting and that controls oil is that they have this tendency to not let your skin breathe. Well, this one obviously let air (and oil) pass through the makeup, so my skin went on unscathed.
  • Affordable. Primers don't come in cheap and it's uncommon to find one that matches Stay Matte's price.

What I Didn't Like

  • Smells and feels like glue. 'Nuff said.
  • The cakey finish. Not only does it look cakey, but it also looked like I piled on more makeup than I actually did. Not cool especially when you're heading out right after you do your makeup.
  • Poor oil control. I was skeptical about the 8-hour shine control right from the get-go, but I also did not expect this product to be really ineffective in this department. If only it made me oil free for 3-4 hours, I would be more forgiving.
  • Accentuates the dry patches on my face. I was hoping that Stay Matte would smoothen out those dry patches, but it didn't stay put. The primer over those areas just flaked out, making the skin look drier.
  • Did not blur out my pores. Well, they claimed it but they simply weren't able to deliver.
Well, I recommend this product to normal-skinned girls who can benefit more from this product and to oily girls who want to prolong the oil control powers of their retouch powder.  Well I can still make some use of it come holiday season when it's nice and cool, as this could perform better in that setting. Otherwise, as a primer, Stay Matte has been dismal, so I definitely would not repurchase it.

I wonder if there are any more affordable options for primers out there. Any suggestions?

Stay girly!



  1. Hey, have you tried QuickFX No-shine Mattifier? Sa watsons sya yellow sachet packaging. Haven't used it under liquid or cream, pero uder powder ok sya. 89 lang ata. Similar in feel and texture to porefessional, and Maybelline pore eraser. Haven't tried those 2 yet, pero based on samples I've tried, similar sila.

    1. Yup, I was making my rounds sa Watson's yesterday when I saw it, binili ko agad. Hahaha! Don't know what to expect yet. I'm planning to test it in the coming days. :)

  2. Maganda po ba yung ettude house na primer? Thanks! :)


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