Saturday, September 27, 2014

Follow me on Bloglovin'!

I wish I had met Bloglovin way earlier. Everytime I browse thru my favorite blogs, my browser is clogged with tabs it gets confusing sometimes!

Bloglovin' is a feed site where you can follow blogs, whether it's from Blogspot, Wordpress, or even those that have custom domains. I think it's similar to Pinterest, but have blogs as feeds instead of pictures. So it simplifies the way you follow and discover blogs! And they have an app for iOS and Android, so this is really a heaven-sent tool!

I have just signed up, so...Follow, follow me! Use the Bloglovin' widget found at the sidebar of this page, or simply search "The Girly Medic" on Bloglovin'.♡♡♡

Stay girly!


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