Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier
PHP 49 at Watson's

If you wear makeup and have an oily skin like moi, for sure this sachet of gold will make your head turn. Big white letters saying No-Shine on it is enough to make me pick it up.

I was also curious with the words, "mattifier" and "matte wax". I mean, having wax in that packaging almost made me feel that it was meant for the hair! Hahaha. So yeah, needless to say, this product intrigued me. And I haven't been intrigued so much in a long time.

More on this oily-skin must-have after the jump! ;)

About the Product

From the back label: A light moisturizer that helps hide imperfections such as fine lines and pores while providing an exceptional smooth matte finish. Also helps prevent and treat pimples without drying out the skin.

The product said it's a mattifier alright, but being the makeup newbie that I am, I just didn't have any idea how this could actually mattify me! I've always thought mattifiers come in powder form, and there's no way a product in a sachet would actually have powder inside. :))

Anyway, this mattifier came in a somewhat clear, waxy-cream form. It is almost like the wax my brothers use on their hairs, but this one is soft and glides on the skin nicely and makes me feel at one point like my skin was as smooth as....wax.

How to Use

I apply this on my face after my moisturizer (because I'm so not buying its moisturizer claim) , using my bare fingers. It sets quickly on most days. If it cool or if I turn the AC on for quite a while it definitely feels like wax even as I apply, but if its sunny and warm inside my room the mattifier's waxy consistency melts in my fingers and feels a bit greasy on the face but will ultimately make me feel like I have something waxy on top of my face. It's lightweight so really, it's not bothering at all.


My base makeup's finish did not change with this mattifier underneath. No caking, but I can tell that the coverage has improved.

On top of makeup, this mattifier did not alter its finish, either. It lessened the shine on my face come retouch time, although I must say the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer does a better job at mattifying my face post-makeup.
Me 5 hours post-makeup application.
Blotted oilies off and patted the mattifier on top.

Lasting Power

Normally, with the liquid base I currently use, I begin to oil up at around 2 hours after application. With this mattifier on, it can delay oiliness for about one hour more. It performs better on a chilly day when I don't oil up as much.

After 3 hours, my t-zone starts to shine. But I find it so acceptable that
I just blot it off using my hankie and just let it be. :)

After 5 hours, with no retouch in between.
Back to being a greaseball.

What I Liked

  • Cheap! I like how they came in an almost sample-sized amount in a sample-sized price so I don't have to regret if in case this stuff wasn't for me.
  • Easy to find at Watson's
  • Very handy packaging.
  • Smoothens my face like silk. I love how my base makeup sets so easily with this underneath. It smoothes those dry patches on my nose which is a plus.
  • Lightweight on skin.
  • Improves the coverage of my base makeup.
  • Did not made my makeup cake. (Ehem, Rimmel, ehem.)
  • I didn't have breakouts while using this.

What I Didn't Like
  • The inconsistent consistency. The waxy consistency is fine with me, but I hate it when it melts to the point that it feels oily as I apply it. 
  • So-so mattifying ability. It lessens oiliness, but it does not mattify as much as Rimmel did.
  • So-so oil control control. It works, it delays shine, but keeping oil at bay for only 3 hours out of an eternity of school day is just way too soon. (But with its price, I can appreciate that it does what it claims for that mere one extra hour.)

I recommend this to girls on a budget who'd like to improve the coverage and wear time of their base makeup. I find myself reaching for this more often than the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer because it feels so light and does not give me all that cakey trouble.This especially works now that we have cooler months ahead, so it is easy to love this mattifier, really. 

Stay girly!



  1. I keep forgetting to pick this up! Nasa Watsons lang ako kanina e. Err! Haha. Need to try this asap

  2. You should! It's most useful this Ber-months I think. ;)

  3. This is awesome :D Medyo na-confuse din ako sa wax pero, ok sya so far. I like it better than maybelline porefessional. I have my husband use this when we need to go to an event, hahaha, good man makeup.


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