Monday, November 3, 2014

LipsWatch: Fanny Serrano Luscious Lipstick in Creamy Fudge

Fanny Serrano Luscious Lipstick in Creamy Fudge
PHP 299
at The SM Store Beauty Section
This is my first post to feature a lipstick, so let me say a few words of apology: I'm sorry because I suck in describing color. But because I really, really want to feature this, I will bravely tread the waters of the world of lip swatches.

To compensate for my poverty of words, I made sure that the pics will be as true representations of the color as it can be in real life.

Moving on...

When it comes to lipsticks, the first thing that makes me fall in love with it will be its color, and then its finish. And then its lasting power. But I don't usually scrutinize lipsticks in terms of its feel on my lips - whether they feel heavy, or if it feels drying, or if it's too wet. And in the case of this lippie from Fanny, the way I fell in love with it was in reverse order - I loved how creamy and moisturizing it felt on my lips first before I got to appreciate its color. This is serious good stuff.

Check out this lippie after the jump!

The Fanny Serrano Luscious Lipstick in Creamy Fudge has been on my vanity table for months now, thanks to my sister. But at that time, You Who Came From The Stars (별에서 온 그대) and its lead character, Cheon Song Yi was so crazy popular that I myself was on a pink-lipstick phase, so I didn't really reach out for it at those times. 

Creamy Fudge is, to put in my own words, is a brown lippie with a vermillion tinge to it (or maybe a vermillion lippie with a brown tone). The brown tint of this lippie makes it safe for me to wear it to school because it makes the color not too loud.

The color swatch here is what it really is in real life. Under natural light, the creamy-glossy finish just kept on reflecting light, making it brighter than it should be, hence I took this pic in a shady part of the room.

I dabbed the color first on my lips then made one swipe.
This is so pigmented that sometimes I just dab the lipstick instead of swiping it.
Sorry I got a bit sloppy in here. Hahaha. ;p

Nowadays, it's been my go-to lipstick because it brightens up my face so nicely. And I love how I can go wear an appropriately bold color to school without having to stick to the perfect red. This color is the "perfect safe red".

The lipstick stays put until lunch time (around 6 hours) and leaves a beautiful stain that I just don't retouch anymore. It stayed put even as I drank a cup of coffee, but of course its staying power will depend on how tactful you are at sipping coffee.

I love how this color makes my skin look better and brighter. ;)

I'm not sure about its other colors, but this Fanny lippie's formulation is ace! Very comfortable to wear, and very hydrating. And one other thing: the lipstick tube looks so classy, I won't even think it's from a local brand! I think this is the first time I fell in love with a "womanly" lippie both in terms of color and packaging. 

Like it? Have something like it? Comment away!

Stay girly!



  1. <3 Wala pa akong Fanny Serrano lipstick. Sa local, I only have Nichido, EB, Bobbie (finally nahanap ko na), and 1 Happy Skin.

  2. Almost all of my lippies are from local brands, but the feel of this one is by far the best, I think it feels better than Happy Skin! :)

  3. This looks so good on you! I just wish that they have this in matte -_-

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