Friday, November 28, 2014

EOTD: Easy Pink and Plum

Hello there! It's been three weeks since I last made a post and the obvious reason to that is I was too busy. As much as I wanted to post something, it was the last 2 weeks of the semester, and it was devoted to exams so I had to be on a cycle of reading, chugging down Toffee Nut Latte, more reading, a little bit of sleep, answering exams, a little bit more of sleep, then repeat. I am at the end of this 2-week tunnel, and I'm just glad that my brain is still in one piece. I spent my recent days playing with my dog, reading novels (I've finished The Selection Series and Something Borrowed/Something Blue Series in a week), and basically just lying around. Now that I'm recharged and relaxed, I'm ready to post stuff.

I still managed to play with makeup in between though, as it was a way for me to cope up with the stress that I was in. This time I used colors that I haven't really used when going out, but given this autumn-like vibe of a weather, I might wear this out real, real soon.

Get the look after the jump!

I partnered a pale pink satin-finish eyeshadow with a plum-colored eyeshadow that is matte in finish. I didn't exactly partnered them as they were packaged in one mini-palette, so they were definitely made for each other...oh well.

I used different kinds of eyeshadow brushes here as they help on controlling the amount of pigment to be placed on the lids, therefore making the transition of color more smoother and the eye makeup more 3D, so it didn't look like I only used 2 colors. You'll see. ;)

  1. Using a flat/paddle-shaped eyeshadow brush, preferably with its bristles densely packed (as in the first picture), pat the pink color all over the lids. Make sure you can still see a bit of the color even as you open your eyes, so pat color until it's above your lid's crease line.
    A flat eyeshadow brush, when used in patting motion over the lids,
    is useful in creating an even base color, especially when working with
    powdery/pale shades where you want the color to show up.

  2. Now, open your eyes, then at the outer corner of your eyes, at the space between the ends of your crease and lower lashline, pat a pencil brush or an eyeshadow brush that's small in diameter and with densely packed bristles loaded with the plum colored eyeshadow. It's an easy way to mark where you should end your eyeshadow at the outer corner, especially if you're not going for an overly dramatic eye makeup.

  3. Using the pencil brush, shade half of the outer third of the lids with the plum eyeshadow.

    A pencil brush is useful in concentrating pigments
    on specific areas of the lid. The densely-packed bristles help in delivering
    as much pigment as possible onto the lids.

  4. Without dipping the pencil brush back on the eyeshadow, lightly brush over the crease line, from the outer corner of the lid going inwards. Work with the little color remaining on the brush. Then, blend the gap between the plum and the pink color at the outer lid for a smooth transition of color.

  5. Using a blending brush, blend the colors at crease line upward to soften the borders of the eye makeup. Work the brush from the outer corner going inwards.

    A blending brush is useful in, well, blending pigments together for a smooth transition of colors. Also, thanks to the rather sparse distribution of the bristles,
    it breaks the pigments and softens it up.

  6. Using a black eyeliner, line your eyes and wing it at the end. ;)

So as a bonus, I'm showing you my bare (yes, as in no base makeup) face wearing the eye makeup. I've pledged to use makeup as minimally as possible because my goal this sem break is to clear my face off of as much blemishes as possible. With my skin peeling off from my astringent-laden skin regimen, I only got to play with my lids instead. 

I've got a long way to go. Hahaha.
Anyway, my skin issue, I'll tackle in another post. So that's it for this EOTD! I hoped you liked it, and I also hoped you missed me. Hahaha! ;)

Stay girly!



  1. Did you change brow products? I like your brows here. Kita yung brow hairs. Clear brow gel lang/ clear mascara?

    1. You're right! It's Nyx Brow Gel in Espresso topped with a clear mascara. :)


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