Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Outlet Store for the Girly Ones: Beauty Scents Paseo de Santa Rosa

So last weekend me and my siblings went out and played at Paseo de Santa Rosa, and I took a side trip to Beauty Scents to buy another bottle of the ZA moisturizer I was raving about last week. Beauty Scents is actually an outlet store devoted to beauty products, the first of its kind in the country, I bet. And where else would you find it other than the ultimate place for outlet store shopping, Paseo de Santa Rosa?

Beauty stuff in an outlet store? Curious? Get a sneak peak of what's in store in this delightful place after the jump! ;)

Paseo de Santa Rosa, one of my favorite places to hang out, is definitely making its mark as the outlet shopping capital of the South. I mean, I do understand that Nike and Adidas and Speedo would have their own outlet shops for the sporty ones, but to see a beauty outlet store about to open here is just so cray cray!

I swear I took a photo of the store from the outside, but I accidentally deleted it somehow. :( The store's right next to the big white tent, beside Aeropostale and Levi's, if I remember correctly. Here's a sneak peek inside!

You're greeted with some fab quotes that will definitely make you
feel good about purchasing stuff here, like this one.

On the cosmetics side, they sell mostly eye makeup from Majolica Majorca and ZA Cosmetics. Majo Majo's Lash Expander Edge Meister sells for only 500 bucks here, though they only come in brown and blue. ZA's mascara on the other hand, sells for only 300 bucks! The eye palettes from the same brand sells for only PHP 350.

They sell cosmetics from Majolica Majorca and ZA! 

On the pricier end, they got some Guerlain makeup for you, ladies! I have not spotted some Meteorites in here (or maybe I just missed it), but they have palettes and lipsticks from the brand.

Guerlain Cosmetics counter

A closer look at Guerlain's palettes.

On the skincare department, they got stuff from ZA cosmetics on the budget side and Shiseido on the high-end side. I find ZA's stuff super affordable, and well worth checking out.

They got cleansing foams, toners, gels and face creams.

Shiseido's sassy counter. Though I'm not sure if
this is all for skincare. Hihihi.

Majority of what they sell on this store, I must say, are fragrances. I'm not really one who would hoard or explore on different scents, but they are pretty interesting to me as a lot of these come in sets (with shower gel and lotion) which I always love.

Fragrances from Guerlain.

More Guerlain, and Dior perfumes.

 And that's it! I think I only got to photograph 60-70% of the store, the remainder of which are mostly perfumes, so I hope I gave you an idea what awaits you if ever you plan visit here. If ever you're around the area in one of these holidays, be sure to drop by!

Stay girly!


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