Thursday, October 9, 2014

Drugstore Wallflower: Ever Bilena Advance HD Concealer Pencil

Ever Bilena Advance HD Concealer Pencil in Warm Honey
PHP 100 at Watsons

This isn't a wallflower, this is more like a hidden gem. I first saw it while I was lining up at the grocery counter this weekend and I thought, "Ever Bilena actually has this?". I was almost always lining up at that particular counter every Sunday yet I only saw it that time. I ended up purchasing it at Watson's later that evening and even at this store it is quite hard to find. Maybe because the pencil is short.

Continuing my new found pencil addiction, here's my review of the Ever Bilena's concealer pencil.

About the Product

No product description in here. The pencil is short and stout compared to other pencils on the shelf. Even without a tester, I could tell that the color is too light against my skintone, but I still had no qualms about purchasing it, as I saw lots of use for it.

Left swatch unblended, right swatch blended.
The texture of this pencil is soft, yet dry as the "lead" has a tendency to tug on the skin as I draw on it. It doesn't glide on smoothly, but you can blend in by tapping on the drawn area. The concealer has a light to slightly moderate coverage - it can conceal redness and really light pimple marks, nothing else.

How to Use

As a skintoned-colored pencil I saw lots of potential for this, and I found myself liking this other than its intended purpose. It is a decent eyeshadow base, and a good tool to make your eyes larger by placing it on the waterline of the lower lashline.

My favorite way of using this pencil is as a lip concealer. Because of its lightweight texture, I can make easier and natural-looking gradient lip. Here's how I do it:

How to make gradient lips using Ever Bilena Advance HD Concealer Pencil.
I used it with Happy Skin's Shut Up and Kiss Me in First Kiss and Darkness Lip Tint.

  1. Draw the outline of lips with the concealer pencil and dab the inner lip with a lipstick of your choice.
  2. Using a lip brush, blend first lipstick on the inner lip. Wipe the color off your lip brush with a tissue (or use another clean lip brush if you have one) and blend the concealer. Make sure to blend the point where the lip color and the concealer meet.
  3. For plump lips, dab a pink lip tint on the innermost part of the lip.
Used the concealer pencil on the waterline of the lower lashline,
on the growing red bump on my right cheek, on the sides of my nose
and on my lips. Super multipurpose, no?

Lasting Power

As a concealer, this lasted on my acne bump a good 3 hours without fading. I find that this lasts longer on a powder base than a liquid base (like BB creams).

As an eyeshadow base I survived the entire school day without any crease, though I already noted fading of the color after the 4th hour.

As an eyeliner this lasted on my waterline for 2 hours and then it will start to fade evenly. On the 3rd hour the color is still there, but is not as intense as when you first applied it.

As a lip concealer, this did not budge after 5 hours! But that may have something to do with the fact that I only put it on the outer lip so it wasn't really prone to fading after drinking. 

What I Liked:

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to find. This being from Ever Bilena, I expect this to be on most grocery stores, drugstores, 7-11 stores. 
  • You can do so many things with it! Concealer, eyeshadow base, lip concealer, eyeliner...the pencil form gives a lot of possibilities in using this.
  • Its best use for me is as a lip concealer. It's lightweight so it doesn't cake on your lips, provided that you apply it thinly.
  • Decent lasting power for an eyeshadow base.

What I Didn't Like

  • It's not that pigmented as I would like for a concealer.
  • I haven't found a sharpener that can accomodate its chubbiness. :(
  • Staying power as a concealer/eyeliner is so-so for me.

I definitely recommend this product for the Korean-style makeup lover! It can do gradient lips and bright eye look without breaking the bank.  As a concealer, this should suit girls who just have redness and light marks to cover. It doesn't really hurt to try, what with its ├╝ber cheap price.

Stay girly! 



  1. Hey, I did this using the nyx wonder pencil in deep, I loved the effect. I didn't put the stain on the insides pero it worked pa rin.

    1. Yeah you can skip that naman, especially if you're going for a matte finish. My buccal mucosa (that glossy skin that covers your oral cavity) can sometimes look pale/not pink enough, so I put on the lip tint for continuity, since pink yung lip color ko hehehe. :p

  2. I like how you used it on the lips. Never thought about using a pencil concealer for that. I only have one - Hard Candy. I'm going to try this.

    1. Never thought of that too until I bought it. Hahaha. I think the key to get the most out of these drugstore products is to think out of the box when using them. Most of the time kasi they suck at what they are supposed to do. :)


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